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Critiquing a literature review nursing - conventions of service writing

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Don't I have to weigh something up in this essay and then reach a conclusion about something in the end? I feel like with this essay even though I'll analyze the sources really well and pick them apart, my actual essay wont be reaching a conclusion about anything. Sorry, I'm just really confused about this, please help! Follow 6 We did something different though, the topic was Britain's Empire and its African colonies and we chose our own questions and sources.

With the sources question it's a bit different to AS in the sense that not much of your own knowledge is actually needed and they care less about it. Definitely do include your own knowledge to support your argument and state facts where relevant as it demonstrates that you know what you're talking about.

So I'd say what you're doing at the moment is correct, just don't overdo it. What they're mainly looking for though, is how you can take a source and really pick it apart by analyzing it in great depth. For example comparing it to other sources to add weight to your argument is a really good way to do this. Also really look at who is talking, where they were at the time of the event and why they'd be saying what they are saying and in what manner.

For example I found peoples' jobs were useful as it can explain the way they saw and talked about the event. Evaluation of the sources is also key to this question so make sure your essay is balanced but also has a strong argument leaning either way.

I was told for a high grade it's important that your own voice and opinion comes through to show that you've really engaged with what you've been asked and you fully understand it.

I hope that's maybe helped a bit and that I haven't just confused you! Good luck with your essay! Follow 7 Original post by AfroBugs I'm also doing this coursework.

Can you tell me what kind of paragraph structure you used to write it? That would be really helpful. Follow 8 Have you got a clear argument and counter-argument? Follow 9 I really agree that structuring responses is a big problem for students. I think the main problem is people are not really taught how to do it. I'd start with thinking about what the core messages are from your sources.

I'd look to choose some nice contrasting ones - so you have plenty of different views to contrast. Then, talk about which ones are most consistent with your own views - weighing them against others which you dismiss. State why you do this - you'll be well on the way to a good answer. You may also like: Nuszy Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Nuszy.

Follow 10 Follow 11 I'm currently doing an A2 coursework on RUSSIA, and I know for a fact my teacher has no clue what we are actually meant to be doing to prepare and succeed for it!! If anyone could offer some help, my classmates and I will be ever so grateful! Many Thanks Savita PAul. Last edited by Savita Paul; at Follow 12 Ive got my coursework soon, does anyone have a sample essay? Is it part a or part b that's bothering you?

Hi, Would it be possible to email me the exemplar work on Unit 4 history Coursework as I am somewhat stuck with marking for the students. In the past, we have been marked down by moderators so any help in terms of looking at the exemplar material would be helpful. The topic we are covering is Russia but any material will be helpful. My email address is hmjones hotmail. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Hi If you go to the 'Examiners' Reports' section of the Edexcel website go to GCE History first and click on the one for Unit 4 June you'll see lots of useful advice and exemplar answers with comments.

You'll need an edexcel password to access it though - if you don't already have one, you can get one from your exams officer. Edited by Helen S, 16 August - Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

Feel at a complete loss as to how to approach teaching this next year. The questions for Part A are just so narrow Is there a phone number or a person I contact please? You will almost certainly need to send back the original sample but that should have been returned to your school by now. I too have had glowing reports from the moderator. It has been a hard few days. Students dropping from A to a B and B to a C and so on. Spent all day Thursday helping them ring their universities.

The worst part is then the students being so grateful and saying thanks for all I have done for them and how much they enjoyed their lessons. It was so hard to accept their gratitude when I feel they have been so badly let down by the system. It was hard not to cry. The tampering with the grades meant so many ended up just a few UMS off the next grade up.

I feel they have been cheated of their grades. My and feedback is glowing. Nothing was done differently. Work was marked to the same standard and they all get pulled down.

I feel really depressed. Edited by Helen S, 18 August - I fear I have little positive to add, but a question - What is the basis of these moderations? Are there lessons for the rest of us out here? Even entered a piece unchanged and it went down!

They get moderated against the cohort that is entered at that point so what is a 45 in Jan may not be a 45 in June! Only a couple of marks but still annoying.

edexcel a level history coursework help

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Jul 03,  · I'm just starting my A2 History coursework on the Arab-Israeli conflict and I am stressing out! We haven't yet been told how we're supposed to approach writing it, nor how to incorporate the sources (as I'd read that it's not the same as doing it at AS exam level).

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Read the guidance and complete the form to get feedback on your proposed coursework texts and titles. edexcel a2 history coursework help Get the latest information on our history qualifications and support direct to your inbox.

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Our Edexcel A level in History offers a broad and balanced course of study that will help you to build on your understanding of the past and become a critical and reflective thinker. You'll develop your understanding of different identities within society and an appreciation of social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity through the study. masters thesis in history Edexcel History A2 Coursework Help candidate for phd resume how to write an admission essay body.

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Feb 04,  · HELP!!! I am about to start supervising A2 History coursework for the first time, looking at USA racial discrimination from I've looked on Edexcel website for exemplar material but didn't find it especially useful. Critiquing a literature review nursing: Edexcel a2 history coursework help September 11, by Write an essay or have a hannah montana marathon? such a hard decision.